About Artist Rachel Newling 

Rachel Newling is an established Australian artist, specialising in hand coloured limited edition Linocuts, reduction linocuts, limited edition engravings & unique drawings.


I was born in Gloucestershire U.K. moving to near Padstow in Cornwall when I was four years old. I attended Art School in London and lived there for several years then spent some time travelling before moving to Australia permanently in 1982. I lived and worked near Avalon on Sydney's Northern Beaches for over 30 years and recently relocated to Noosa on the Queensland Sunshine Coast.

There is a strong tradition of printmaking in Australia, there were many prominent female artist in the first half of the 20th century who's work I was particularly inspired by when starting out to try linocut printmaking myself in the early 1980's.

More recently I have also been making engravings and doing more drawing. There are 2 galleries of engravings on the site and 4 galleries of drawings.


About the work

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A Linocut is a relief print (like a woodcut), the image is carved from a block of Linoleum. Areas are carved or cut away from the block, what remains will print when the inked roller is passed over the top of the block and paper is laid on the block to take an impression by hand or through a press.

All my Linocuts are hand printed on handmade Japanese Washi paper which for centuries has been used for block printmaking. It is thin enough for hand printing yet surprisingly strong and quite beautiful, also acid free and archival.

The majority of my Linocuts are hand coloured, this happens after the print has dried. I use lightfast acrylic gouache paint and have an artist’s proof print as my guide for the colours and tones that I will apply to a print in the same edition, there are always slight variations as my colouring is ‘painterly’ therefore each print in an edition is an individual.

I also make reduction linocut prints, a different process where the block is cut away, a print is taken with all sheets of paper in the edition. The block is then carved again and prints are taken with a different colour ink on the same pieces of paper. This can be continued with many cuttings and colours but it gets very complex. At the end the block has been completely carved away apart from the raised area left for inking the last colour.


These are ‘new style’ engravings using a clayboard and a combination of painting with inks and incising the surface with engraving type tools so that I can create a complex and textural black and white or coloured image. I keep the original work on board as this is my ‘block’ to make a limited edition of prints from the image. The inks I use for the original painting/engraving have a beautiful transparency and consistency but are not lightfast so the image is scanned at high resolution and printed at a professional studio using pure pigment inks on a heavy cotton rag art paper. All the materials used in these limited editions are archival and lightfast.

The Editions

Each print is signed in pencil bottom right hand corner beneath the image. The number of that particular print and the number in the complete edition are written by me in pencil in the bottom left hand corner near the image. If it is the 2nd print in an edition of 50, it will be written as 2/50 for example. I occasionally have Artist Proofs available and that is written as A/P on the print instead of numbers.

The Linocuts are printed and hand coloured to order as there is too much work and expense involved in completing the entire edition of an image. I keep a record of where I am up to in an edition and they are numbered sequentially. There will never more than the stated number of images produced in an edition but there may be less, some images being more popular than others.


Australia has many unique bird species – the land of birds. To be out in the bush or even just in the suburbs and have the sounds of birds, seeing them flying past, feeding, watching their behaviour and being amazed at their beauty & diversity has motivated me to create Linocut images and the ‘Birdland series’ of drawings.
Many of the drawing in this series have been sold and gone to new homes but I keep all the images on the site as a record.

For the drawings I generally use pastels which are lightfast and the paper is handmade by Moulin de Larroque in France. 

I do consider commissions, please get in touch if you would like to discuss.

Curriculum Vitae

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2108 The Palm House, Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney

2017 Noosa Regional Gallery

2017 The Palm House, Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

2016 MAAS Store, Powerhouse Museum, Sydney

2015 The Palm House, Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

2014 Studio exhibition, Sydney

2014 Framed Gallery Darwin

2013 The Palm House, Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

2012 Studio exhibition, Sydney

2012 The Mint, Historic Houses Trust, Sydney

2011 Blue Mountains Botanic Garden, Mt.Tomah

2011 Framed Gallery, Darwin

2010 Studio exhibition, Sydney

2010 Manly Art Gallery & Museum, Sydney

2009 The Palm House, Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

2008 The Palm House, Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

2007 The Botanic Gardens Trust, Palm House, Sydney

2006 Robin Gibson Gallery, Sydney

2003 Robin Gibson Gallery, Sydney

2000 Robin Gibson Gallery, Sydney

1996 Robin Gibson Gallery, Sydney

1994 Blaxland Gallery, Sydney

1993 Cintra Gallery, Brisbane

1992 Blaxland Gallery, Sydney



2019 Art from the vault, Manly Art Gallery & Museum, Sydney

2016 For The Birds, Framed Gallery, Darwin

2011 Works from the gallery collection, Manly Art Gallery & Museum

2010 ‘ Pressed ink', prints from the collection’ Cairns Regional Gallery

2009 ‘In Paradise: Artists of the Northern Beaches’ Manly Art Gallery & Museum

2007 The Melbourne Contemporary Art Fair, Melbourne

2006 Colville Street Art Gallery, Tasmania

2005 Gallery 460, Gosford

2003 Maria Perides Gallery, Brisbane

1998 Sculpture By The Sea, part of the ‘Seachange’ Olympic Arts Festival, Sydney

1998 Annual Art Exhibition, The Friends of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney

1997 ‘Zoo’ Art House Gallery, Sydney

1996 Waringah Art Exhibition, Sydney

1994 ‘Passages’ 65th Anniversary Exhibition, Blaxland Gallery, Sydney

1993 ‘Coast to Coast’ Myer Gallery, Perth

1991 The Sydney Printmakers, Blaxland Gallery, Sydney



Manly Art Gallery & Museum, Artbank, Telstra, Cairns Regional Gallery, The Royal Botanic Gardens Trust Sydney, The City of Sydney, News Limited, Australian War Memorial, Queens Club Sydney.

Corporate and Private collections in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, USA, Canada and Europe.



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