Art Cards of Rachel Newling’s Linocuts, Drawings & Engravings

A range of unique, quality art cards featuring Rachel Newling's images in linocut, engraving and drawing.

The cards come in 5 different wallet packs, each containing 8 different cards with envelopes, the cards are blank inside.

There are 54 cards in the range, each comes packed with an envelope in a sealed cellophane bag.  


Card wallet packs, each containing 8 different cards

Australian Flowers linocuts pack

Australian Birds linocuts pack


Birdland Series drawings pack SOLD out

Australian Wildlife linocuts pack


australian landscape engravings pack


All card titles in packs are also sold individually (in cellophane bag with envelope)

Australian Flower Linocut pack contains:

L to R: Banksias & Dryandra, Waratah, Gymea Lily, Sturt's Desert Pea

Tropical Gingers, Bottlebrush, Cooktown Orchid, Sacred Lotus

Australian birds linocut pack contains:

L to R: Eclectus Parrot, Rainbow Lorikeet, Satin Bowerbird, Red Tailed Black Cockatoo 

Wisteria & Blue Wren, Black Cockatoo Portrait, Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo, King Parrot

Australian wildlife linocut pack contains:

 Dingo, Water Dragon, Flying Fox, Green Tree Python, Big Red , Emu, Rainforest Dragon, Cassowary

Australian Landscape Engravings pack contains:

Windblown, Figure in the wilderness, Off the rocks East Point, In the Kimberley, Boab Tree near Wyndham, Cooktown Lighthouse, Headland with Pandanus, Lone Pine Australian War Memorial                        

Birdland series drawings pack contains:

Black Swan, Corella Pair, Tawny Frogmouth Chick, Butcher-Bird, Galah, Kookaburra, Tawny Frogmouth, Brolgas.

Other cards that can be purchased individually, in sealed cellophane bag with envelope:

 Sacred Kingfisher, Flannel Flower, Gang-Gang Cockatoo, Banksia & Honeyeater, Catbird, Blue Waterlily, Frangipani, Pandanus Fruit, Irises, Sunflowers, Banksia Serrata, Shoal I & II